InVivo Digital Factory

Accelerating digital transformation

Since 2018, the Digital Factory's mission is to capitalize on the opportunities offered by digital to support and accelerate the transformation of the agricultural world.

These actions are taking shape around 2 work streams:

  1. Driving the transformation: supporting the emergence of the 4.0 cooperative, identifying new business and uses by taking advantage of what digital offers,
  2. Implementing this transformation: executing and delivering digital projects with internal and external teams.


Aladin, the platform created by and for farmers

In 2019, the Digital Factory developed in co-construction with nine pilot member cooperatives a digital platform for the sale of agricultural products and services: is a French alternative to e-commerce that meets the needs of farmers and technicians and offers a complete professional catalog of products and services with local offers managed by each cooperative for its own members, and updated in real time. Streamlined processes, 24-hour availability, and a simple and intuitive customer journey are just some of the advantages that make this scalable digital platform an asset for cooperatives, farmers and their advisors. currently has 25,000 connected farmers and lists over 150 agricultural suppliers.