Press release
13 February 2018
Today, Neovia announced the acquisition of the Pilardière group, which is the third largest producer of mineral feeds and nutritional specialities on the French market. Neovia is investing in France where the company wants to strengthen the positions of its premix and firm-services business line while supplementing its international offering of high value-added products and services.
2016 - 2017 InVivo Annual Report
InVivo Annual Report - 2016-2017
InVivo's annual report - 2016_2017
CSR Report 2016-2017
InVivo is fully determined to help agriculture and agricultural cooperation regain their rightful place in the global food value chain, with respect for the planet and people.
24 January 2018
InVivo is fully determined to help agriculture and agricultural cooperation regain their rightfuk place in the global food value chain, with resepct for the planet and people.
Press release
05 July 2017
Upscience strengthens its operations in the Brazilian market through the acquisition of the top generation laboratory, Labtec, which has a "State of Art" structure located in the State of São Paulo. This laboratory deals with the most advanced technologies, controls and certifications, being a reference laboratory for many different segments and surveillance bodies in the national market. This acquisition allows the company to develop its activities in Brazil, expand its portfolio of analyzes and position itself as one of the main laboratories in the country, effectively contributing to the verification of safety, compliance, quality control, effectiveness, research and development in many sectors.
Press release
14 June 2017
InVivo Labs announces its new identity today. It will become Upscience on 3 July 2017. This new brand embodies the international development momentum initiated by the network of analysis laboratories since 2014. It also positions the company as an expert in its field through an extensive, innovative, and individualised range of analysis.
Press release
23 May 2017
InVivo Wine, the wine division of the InVivo Group, acquires Baarsma Wine Group, a Dutch group and European leader of wine imports and distribution. InVivo Wine has signed off the acquisition of the Baarsma Wine Group, a group owned by its directors and the AAC Capital Partners Investment Fund. The acquisition should be finalised by early summer, subject to the approval of the Competition Authority.