Using the agricultural world's expertise to serve consumers

Multi-activity, multi-brand and multi-channel, InVivo Retail operates in three BtoC sectors: garden centres, pet care and food retail. With a strong leadership history in plants and pet care, InVivo Retail has also built up a robust food distribution business based on short supply chains and local, organic produce.

Our brands

Key figures
In revenues
Retail stores of garden centres, vegetal, pet, food

Our sustainable commitments

  • To respect nature and preserve its riches

  • To promote the benefits of gardening and connection with nature and facilitate access to this

  • To mobilise our staff and partners in the field to achieve our societal goal

Garden centres

InVivo Retail is an expert in the plant sector, alongside Jardiland, as market leader for garden centres, Gamm vert, the local specialist, and Delbard the top independent.

Jardiland: Its offering emphasises lifestyle, easy gardening and decoration, but also pet care with the creationin 2019 of a new concept: Noa, the home of animals.

Gamm vert accentuates its dynamic on plants and animals through its brand platform “Produire soi-même, ça change tout!” (“Growing your own changes everything!”) and the areas where it excels: the vegetable garden and the farmyard. InVivo Retail continues the digital transformation of its model with the growth, in particular, of the website, the leader in digital gardening.

Delbard: the Delbard & Affiliés network has 190 garden centres. Its new “Delbard 2020” sales concept reinforces the identity and expertise of the brand in plants and design.




Food retail

Food retail has become an entire business for InVivo Retail, which operates in the fresh, local and organic produce sector under two brands, Frais d’Ici and Bio&Co, and with food outlets in the Gamm vert (Les Sens du Terroir) and Jardiland (Le Jardin des Saveurs) stores.

The Frais d’Ici concept comprises a range of fresh and grocery products, over 70% of which are locally and regionally sourced, in the form of stores adjoining a Gamm vert garden centre and backed by the cooperatives. Frais d’Ici has nine locations.

Acquired at the end of 2018, Bio&Co has seven stores in the south of France. This concept offers one of the most complete organic food offerings as well as a space for cosmetic & health products. Developed initially in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, it has been extended to the rest of France with the creation of food corners in eight Jardiland stores.

So France

Brand ambassador of French gastronomy on the international scene, two So France bistro-grocery store has opened in Singapore.
This restaurant offer promotes the quality of French food and wine products, 50% of which come from the New Aquitaine region.


Market introduction

MARQUE PASSION PRODUCTION is dedicated to the design, development, and marketing of all Passion Nature brand products for the entire group. The notoriety of its ranges for dog and cat food (PURE), nature birds and poultry and hygiene products - continues to grow.
MARQUE PASSION PRODUCTION also addresses to professionals with complete solutions for the protection, against pests, of stored goods and livestock buildings.
With its SIGNE NATURE activity, MARQUE PASSION PRODUCTION also offers a complete range of signs for the plant market.