Bring about a cooperative market leader in the wine sector

With InVivo Wine, the group is hoping to form an influential cluster for the French wine sector, both in France and abroad. InVivo will build on the strength of its expertise in the winemaking industry, experience in exports with offices in 28 countries (particularly in Europe, Asia, and South America), as well as its knowledge of general public distribution.

Three major operations have been undertaken in june 2015 which are the blackbone of this new field of expertise 

  • BRAND WINES: 21% stake in Vinadeis, France’s largest wine production cooperative and third-largest operator in the national market. Vinadeis commercialises over 2.5 million hectolitres of wine, or 6% of France’s overall production.
  • GRANDS CRUS: The acquisition of 78% of shares in Bordeaux negotiation group Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus, alongside Vinadeis (which will maintain its 22% share). 
  • BULK WINES: Purchase of high-volume wine sales negotiation company Vignobles du Soleil International (based in Saint–Gilles, Gard). 


€268 M
€40 M
Cordier Mestrezat
€35 M
Vignobles du Soleil International

InVivo's investments

InVivo's investments


Founded in 1886 by Désiré Cordier, owner of Grands Crus, Cordier has become one of the largest Bordeaux merchants. Always present in the heart of the vineyard, Cordier has forged strong partnerships with major Bordeaux properties in prestigious appellations and also selections of second wines. It also breathes life into a new vision of Bordeaux through its portfolio of brands.


Founded in 1815, Mestrezat has a historic expertise in trading in Grands Crus classés and has established privileged relationships with the major châteaux in the Bordeaux region, giving it one of the largest primeur allocations in the Bordeaux marketplace


Leading wine merchant in the United Kingdom, specialising in Grands Crus from the finest wine regions in the world. 


Distributor known for its historic presence in the traditional Belgian market, its service flexibility and its balanced portfolio of high-end brands. Six million bottles are sold each year in Belgium and Luxembourg. 


Founded in 1733, Oud Reuchlin & Boelen is the oldest and largest importer of premium wines in the Netherlands, expert in the traditional market.


Since 1995, Château La Tulipe has been producing the best-known French brands in the Netherlands: Château La Tulipe - La Tulipe and Slurp!  A full range of wines from the terroirs of Bordeaux (where the estate is situated) and the Languedoc, carefully selected by the famous artist, composer and winemaker Ilja Gort and his son.


Major importer and distributor in the Dutch market orientated towards large retailers and specialist shops, Baarsma wines has an important export activity, with a large portfolio of international brands, private brands and innovative concepts. 


Founded in 1886, Rutishauser Barossa is one of the major wine-trade players in the Swiss market, with a bottling site and a large portfolio of wines of international origin, notably the Italian wine of its founding companies Barossa and Barisi.


Wine sourcing and sales office in South Africa - Shareholder in the Lyngrove estate in the Cape region.


A major bottling company in the Netherlands with a production capacity of 70m bottles a year, the latest equipment and high-level certification for wine packaging, in bottles and in kegs.


InVivo Wine Asia is a key player in wine, services and distribution in Asia. The sales network in Asia now covers eight locations: Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Singapore and relies on 26 staff, all based in the area and in consumer sales outlets.


Wine importer and distributor in the United States, based in New Rochelle in the state of New York, and with branches in Boston, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Washington DC; InVivo Wine America relies on an experienced sales team of 20 staff covering the entire American territory.


Rooted in Occitanie, Vinadeis is France’s biggest winegrowing and winemaking cooperative group (17,000 hectares of vines, 11 winemaking centres across the Languedoc & Roussillon, uniting more than 1,500 wine growers who are members and shareholders). Counting with strong in-house wineries and estates (40), 3 certified bottling facilities, one first-class bulk center and a dedicated subsidiary to Organic Wines, Vinadeis commercializes over 28 million cases of wine each year.


Subsidiaries and partnership