2025 by InVivo

InVivo implements an ambitious growth strategy


From left to right: Philippe Mangin, Thierry Blandinières and Jérôme Calleau.


Growing added values together

“2025 by InVivo” is the name of InVivo’s strategic project, serving as a frame of reference for our policy directions and action plans.

“2025 by InVivo” affirms the meaning behind our mission and our responsibilities as France’s leading agricultural cooperative group, namely to bring French agriculture and agricultural cooperation the strategic dimension that they deserve as a key link in the food value chain respectful of the Earth and its people.

“2025 by InVivo” is above all a collective dynamic shared by enthusiastic, demanding and motivated men and women determined to open up promising new perspectives and move into new sectors generating economic and social wealth for our members, partners and customers, and for each one of our employees in France and worldwide.

Thierry Blandinières, Chief Executive Officer
Philippe Mangin, Chairman
Jérôme Calleau, Vice-Chairman

InVivo 2025 : ambitions commensurate with the worldwide challenges...

3 value-creating strategic directions

Mindful of its responsibilities stemming from the wide-ranging changes in food demand worldwide, InVivo has set itself three value-creating strategic directions

  1. Act as a bridgehead for the development of French agriculture.
  2. Invest in sectors with strong future potential to create French champions with critical mass.
  3. Provide new outlets and support the marketing of French produce

5 performance drivers

To become a major world player in agriculture and food, InVivo will focus on 5 performance drivers.

  1. Invest in R&D and innovation
  2. Expand and diversify group activities
  3. Develop internationally via new platforms and Neovia sites
  4. Develop our human capital
  5. Lead a social and environmental policy

...To develop our activities and move towards new frontiers

All of our activities will enable InVivo to develop in four fields of expertise:

InVivo acteur international de la Semence

InVivo Seeds

will be an international player in seeds, reinforcing its leadership position in the French market and expanding notably in Europe and the Southern countries.


InVivo Agro

will be Europe’s leading supplier of agroenvironmental solutions, working to improve the productivity and quality of crops while reducing their impact. InVivo Agro also aims to become the European leader in precision agriculture and biocontrol.



InVivo Trading

will be a benchmark in international grain trading in Europe by forming strategic alliances enabling it to provide member cooperatives with the best outlets while controlling the risks linked to market volatility.


InVivo Retail

will strengthen its position as a leader in French gardening retail through a multi-channel distribution system. It will also become a reference in local food retailing from producers to consumers.



InVivo Wine

aims to form an influential cluster for the French wine sector, both in France and abroad