2030 by InVivo

"Our mission as leaders, like InVivo in all its components, is to lead the agriculture and food transition." 

Philippe Mangin, Chairman


Philippe Mangin, Président InVivo

"The objective is to accelerate our development thanks to the group's five performance levers: digital transformation, innovation, internationalization, social and environmental responsibility, human capital. "

Thierry Blandinières, CEO

"The 2030 by InVivo strategic plan is our roadmap. This is the foundation from which we are able to project ourselves into the future, while staying on track. Together, let’s build the food intelligence to which we aspire."

Jérôme Calleau, Deputy Chairman


3 strategic directions

  1. To become a global reference in digital and innovative solutions that improve the competitiveness, safety, and quality of plant and animal production, while also preserving the planet.
  2. To invest in the farming and food businesses of the future to create critically-sized champion.
  3. To contribute to the economic growth and expand the influence of French agriculture and agrifood in the world.



Our 5 objectives

  • Achieving zero pesticide residue for healthy, quality food
  • Contribute to carbon neutrality to reduce our ecological footprint
  • Preserve and regenerate the soil to promote sustainable and responsible agriculture
  • Restore and enhance biodiversity to preserve the fragile balance of our ecosystem
  • Diversifying farmers' revenues and ensure a fair remuneration for our cooperators


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An ambition commensurate with the challenges facing the agricultural world