Access to better quality food

Facilitating access to better food for all

By 2050, the global population will have reached 9 billion. The greatest demographic growth will be seen in developing countries. 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas (compared with 50% today). Many countries will continue to rely on international trade for their food security.

At the same time, dietary practices are evolving with an increasing demand for proteins. And new eating habits are appearing. Everywhere, food safety and traceability are a major concern. Aware of its responsibilities and its strengths, InVivo is committed to providing access to quality food for all. It is rising to this challenge by supporting the structuring of agri-food chains in France and abroad, sharing knowledge and skills, and proposing new concepts that respond to new consumer expectations.

This is how we can work together to foster access to a better diet.

Guaranteeing food quality and safety

Guaranteeing food quality and safety


InVivo takes great effort to contribute to the quality and safety of food products, especially in terms of traceability and information along the entire value chain.

Help structure agri-food chains by sharing our know-how

With the cooperative model as its starting point, InVivo leverages a collaborative and co-development approach to help develop new agri-food chains such as supporting wine cooperatives or aquaculture practices abroad.


New consumer expectations

Improving access to more quality foods for all represents both an agricultural and societal issue. InVivo develops and diversifies local food offers thanks to local channels and markets via its localvore supermarket Frais d’Ici and its partnerships with many local producers.