A promising market

Neovia is aiming to rank among the top five in this sector by 2018. Strong growth is expected owing to the bigger role that additives are going to play in animal disease prevention. 

Key figure
size of Neovia additives market in 2018

Our missions

Thanks to their active ingredients and specific mode of action, Neovia additives are recognised as an effective and natural way to reduce the use of antibiotics, improve animal health and optimise performance.

The core business of Neovia's additives units, Pancosma, is to:

  • design, produce and sell additives made from natural ingredients ;
  • provide breeders alternatives to antibiotics and solutions against contaminated raw materials and feeds. 



InVivo natural additives help to boost the profitability of livestock farms by:

  • improving growth parameters: Average Daily Gain (ADG) and the Consumption Index (CI) ;
  • decreasing expenses for medicines ;
  • reducing the mortality rate. 

A strictly regulated sector

The use of additives in animal feed is strictly controlled in Europe by regulations whose immediate application is obligatory in all Member States. These regulations indicate which additives are authorised, for what purpose, and the conditions for their use, including the dosages for optimal effectiveness without a risk of toxicity (for the animal, the environment, and people handling the feed).

The additive must meet specific requirements.

  • It must have a positive effect on the characteristics of the feed in which it is incorporated or on the animal production concerned.
  • It must not harm consumers by degrading the animal products.

Its presentation must not cause the user to make errors.