Agricultural Consulting

Agrosolutions: an agro-environment expert and consultant

Agrosolutions: an agro-environment expert and consultant

Agrosolutions designs and markets innovative solutions for securing, developing and realising the full agro-environmental potential of agriculture. An expert and consultant in agro-ecology, Agrosolutions works with farmers, cooperatives, agrifood manufacturers, regional developers and local authorities.

It helps these players to develop, reduce their environmental impacts and manage their natural assets by implementing collective initiatives and environmental services addressing their specific issues, including production quality, climate, water, soil, biodiversity and energy. To that end, Agrosolutions:

  • develops a network of agronomic knowledge and innovation ;
  • specialises in the management of regional water resources ;
  • works in carbon offsetting and biodiversity ;
  • designs and coordinates progress approaches in agro-industrial sectors.

Agrosolutions is continuing its development with the objective of creating value to be shared by the farmers and their stakeholders, notably agri-food groups and regional planners. A pioneer in the creation of new services, this year one of its personnel founded Bioline Insurance, which offers farmers harvest insurance.

Agrosolutions also worked with other entities of Bioline and with external clients to help them deci - pher the issues generated by the Egalim food forums, enabling them to adopt their positions and press home their arguments during the negotiations.

Bioline Insurance: a harvest insurance solution dedicated to cooperatives

Selected within the context of the Group’s entrepreneurship support policy and sponsored by Agrosolu - tions, the project to create new insur - ance products that meet new demands in terms of managing farm - ing risks has broken new ground with the founding of Bioline Insurance. 

The offering available since July 2018 from Bioline Insurance, the company founded specially for this purpose, concerns harvest insurance for farm - ers. Initial feedback from the cooper - atives participating in the initiative has been highly positive. It should enable the number of hectares required to safeguard against pre-negotiated disruptive conditions to be contractually covered for the next five campaigns. The partner insurance company has allocated the necessary financial resources to cover one million hectares of crops, a target that Bioline Insurance hopes to reach within two years.