Agrosolutions: an agro-environment expert and consultant

Agrosolutions: an agro-environment expert and consultant

Agrosolutions designs and markets innovative solutions for securing, developing and realising the full agro-environmental potential of agriculture. An expert and consultant in agro-ecology, Agrosolutions works with farmers, cooperatives, agrifood manufacturers, regional developers and local authorities.

It helps these players to develop, reduce their environmental impacts and manage their natural assets by implementing collective initiatives and environmental services addressing their specific issues, including production quality, climate, water, soil, biodiversity and energy. To that end, Agrosolutions:

  • develops a network of agronomic knowledge and innovation ;
  • specialises in the management of regional water resources ;
  • works in carbon offsetting and biodiversity ;
  • designs and coordinates progress approaches in agro-industrial sectors.

The FERMEcophyto network of cooperatives

With its partner cooperatives, InVivo coordinates the FERMEcophyto network aimed at improving the economic performance of agricultural production while limiting its environmental impact.

For four years, the 300 holdings in the FERMEcophyto cooperative network have rolled out practices aimed at reducing and improving the use of crop protection products while developing their economic and environmental performances. They share their experience, welcome other farmers and provide access to references on economical and high-performance crop systems.