Animal health

A vital sector

Livestock farming accounts for a significant portion of the value of agricultural production.

Animal health is a key factor of competitiveness in livestock farming and thus an important issue for France, a major exporter that is focusing on the development of high value-added products.

Our business

The Neovia animal health division responds to the agricultural sector's expectations by offering a complete range of medicines and vaccines to improve the health, well-being and performance of many animal species.

  • with more than 200 marketing authorisations, this division is the French market leader in medicinal premixes ;
  • in France, the Qalian laboratories supply the animal health and hygiene products ;
  • this offer is also available in SpainItaly and Portugal as well as in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.
Key figures

Our missions

A pioneer in its field, Neovia ranks among the world's leaders, with expertise gained over a period of more than 60 years. The animal health division develops three activities:

  • Manufacturing medicinal premixes in the form of soluble oral powders, dietetic powders, medicinal liquids, and dietetic and hygienic liquids
  • Distributing hygiene and veterinary products
  • Doing research in and producing plant extracts that improve animal health while reducing the consumption of medicines.