Complete feed

High quality and standards for livestock farmers

The complete feed business involves designing, manufacturing and selling feeds that meet the nutritional needs of each species and the production objectives of livestock farmers:

  • Large-scale production (dairy and beef cattle, pigs, broilers and laying hens, rabbits, sheep, goats and other animals)
  • Special feeds (calves, piglets, game)
  • Aquatic species (shrimp, fish)
  • General public (horses, pets, farmyard animals)

In 2014, InVivo manufactured and sold over 2 million tons of complete feed for all animal species.

Key figures at 30 June 2014
in revenue
tonnes of feed manufactured each year
manufacturing sites around the world

An actor in structuring the French market

Neovia in France is working to develop strong regional positions in connection with InVivo member cooperatives. This structuring, which is already well advanced, is being achieved by implementing industrial, logistics and strategic alliances with InVivo member cooperatives, respecting each party's identity. 

Our missions

  • To feed, care for, and raise animals so as to feed people better and to meet the challenges of population growth and steadily rising living standards, which is increasing consumption of animal proteins in many countries
  • To feed animals while addressing the issues of animal well-being, respect for the environment, food safety, traceability in production, product quality and profitability
  • To feed animals using innovative R&D to provide livestock farmers with effective, scientifically tested and economically efficient products


Strong international development

Neovia ranks among the world leaders in its business.

  • It has revenues of €1.6 billion and operations in 28 countries, and it continues to consolidate its positions across the globe.
  • This strategy involves adding industrial facilities, particularly in Latin America and Asia.