InVivo Food&Tech and les Collectionneurs pool their knowledge in the interests of food innovation and gastronomic excellence.

17 October 2018

With its Renault Master Z.E., La Plucherie by InVivo delivers custom plant sprouts to 4 Parisian restaurants: LE 39V, Le Ducasse sur Seine, Nomicos and Spoon 


To supply chefs with exceptionally flavourful live or same-day picked, untreated and hyper-local sprouts... with the help of a clean vehicle. This is the challenge taken up together by InVivo Food&Tech's La Plucherie and les Collectionneurs.  

High-end culinary jewels, acclaimed by chefs 
Micro-greens are known for their nutritional value and fast growth, but for culinary experts the most important quality is flavour. With from 20 to 600% more concentrated flavour and nutrients than mature plants, the “pluche” (the tip of the plant flower) allows chefs to offer an exceptional taste experience.  
The products have convinced chefs Francis Fauvel - Le Ducasse sur Seine, Jean-Louis Nomicos - Nomicos, Robin Sanchez - Spoon and Frédéric Vardon - LE 39V. These ambassadors of French cuisine, who bring both historical expertise and contemporary taste, brilliantly blend together flavours and cultures, marrying tradition with innovation.  
Availability has also been a strong argument: by cultivating the sprouts in a controlled climate, aromatic herbs, micro-greens and rare edible flowers can be grown in quantity and to exceptional quality. 

Micro-greens derived from eco-responsible agriculture 

“We are proud and elated to launch this activity with these great Parisian chefs. Now we will be able to start with the most complex demand: extraordinary plants to satisfy high culinary requirements, grown with energy- and water-saving technologies. All this requires long development periods. But this is how we will be able to offer the controlled solutions of tomorrow to establish efficient food production in all major cities.” says Yves Christol, Managing Director of InVivo Food&Tech

An all-electric Grow Truck

“All the medical and nutrition experts agree that we need a more “flexitarian” diet, with more vegetable proteins and more fibre. Combine this with the fact that in just a few years there will be 7 billion of us on the planet inhabiting the urban landscape. We must find ways to produce higher quantities and a wider variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Climate-controlled urban agriculture is clearly a solution with multiple benefits. We are going to need to master these technologies and adapt our equipment. This partnership is a first step to a better understanding of urban agricultural methods, to improving nutritional quality and to reducing the ecological footprint of agriculture. It will be an essential counterpart to traditional agriculture for years to come.” concludes Yves Christol, CEO of InVivo Food&Tech. 

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