InVivo Quest

InVivo Quest launches its 5th edition 

Created in 2017, InVivo Quest is a challenge open to startups in the agri-food industry with a twofold challenge: on the one hand, to identify startups that will help accelerate the transition of the agri-food sector and on the other hand, to build an international ecosystem of AgriFood innovation. 



A full digital edition

The 5th edition of InVivo Quest was launched in September 2021 and will end in May 2022.

This new edition covers 8 major themes related to the challenges of the One InVivo - One Nature rebound plan:

  1. PROTECT: Plant health;
  2. OPTIMIZE: Precision agriculture and resource management;
  3. REGENERATE: Soil health;
  4. VALUE: Bioeconomy;
  5. RESTORE: Restoration and enhancement of biodiversity;
  6. DEVELOP: Process innovations, new ingredients and traceability;
  7. DISTRIBUTE: Innovations in retail;
  8. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Innovative ideas within InVivo.

Optimization of production and distribution processes.

InVivo Quest aims to support selected start-ups in testing, developing and marketing their solutions for the benefit of farmers and consumers in France and internationally, through its internal and external innovation ecosystems.