InVivo Quest

The 5th edition of InVivo Quest is now

The 5th edition of InVivo Quest is now

Conceived in 2017, InVivo Quest is a challenge open to agri-food startups with a twofold objective : on the one hand, to identify the startups that will help accelerate the transition of the agri-food sector and, on the other hand, to build an international AgriFood innovation ecosystem.

The 5th edition of InVivo Quest has just launched and the dedicated platform is collecting the first applications for an edition that will take place exclusively in Europe starting in September :

The transformation of the agricultural world is underway, driven in particular by the sometimes devastating effects of climate change but also by the growing need for food and new consumer expectations. Moreover, the current health crisis is forcing us to move even more rapidly towards more resilient, more responsible production and consumption models that are economically profitable.

Innovation has a major role to play, as many solutions have yet to be invented, even though the agri-food sector has started to change and has a strong potential to produce innovative and sustainable solutions at all levels of the food chain.

Some of these solutions already exist and are just waiting to be exploited further : precision farming with its soil expertise, bio-solutions that reduce the use of chemical inputs: other solutions are emerging : the creation of new markets via carbon dioxide sequestration : but also new modes of distribution using digital platforms, networking or blockchaining for better traceability to guarantee food safety and health for consumers and increase farmers'incomes.

The fourth edition of InVivo Quest has the objective to address these issues, with a strong focus on climate impacts. InVivo Quest aims to provide selected start-ups with support to test, develop and market their solutions, for the benefit of operators and consumers in France and abroad, thanks to its internal and external innovation ecosystems. 

Tech Agri-Food day 2018

Tech Agri-Food day 2018


InVivo Quest is an agri-food innovation challenge that seeks to connect regional operators and accelerate innovative projects. Having brought together over 300 agri-food operators and given out 5 awards at the 2017 finale - under the esteemed patronage of Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State for Digital at the French Prime Minister’s office - the 2018 InVivo Quest challenge is visiting the regions of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, Burgundy, Brittany, Occitania and Ile-de-France, in addition to 3 international capitals: New York, Singapore and Berlin.

"Deploying our InVivo Quest challenge abroad is all part of our Group strategy to reinforce international cooperation around the global food challenge. It is also one of our overriding ambitions, namely to extend the influence of French agriculture and agri-food to all four corners of the world", says Fabrice Da Canal, who is in charge of the InVivo Quest challenge.