Heading for digital transformation : InVivo Tech 2020

InVivo heads for digital transformation

Digital transformation at InVivo is a cross-functional, value creating accelerator, which supports the 5 performance pillars of the “2025 by InVivo” strategic plan and the development of the three fields of expertise: Bioline by InVivo, InVivo Retail and InVivo Wine.


Now, let’s head for digital transformation!

For Thierry Blandinières "investing in our divisions and in our future work methods is confirming our confidence in the ability of French agriculture to produce more and better, to take its place on the world stage. It is giving our co-operatives, their members and all farmers the opportunity to look to the future with renewed ambition, in France and abroad. It is providing the consumer with quality food which meets their expectations. It is also a pressing need to sustain our existence and ensure the profitability of our operations, without which nothing is possible.

We have given our divisions and our organisation until 2020 for this transformation. That may seem very soon. This time scale indicates how the agility and the speed of execution will be critical in the adoption and the dissemination of the new practices and uses throughout our organisation. All elements of our group must be ready to seize and implement the opportunities offered by the digital revolution. However, we are also convinced that these great changes will not be dictatorial. The culture of the digital is developing and spreading through individuals.

“InVivoTech 2020” is, therefore, not a programme, nor a plan of action, but an ambition, a direction to follow… It is a journey on the digital transformation pathway of our group."

Digital transformation, more a human (r)evolution than a technological one

Digital transformation, more a human (r)evolution than a technological one

Digital transformation should not be confused with innovation or technology. An innovation may be based on a digital technology but not all innovations are digital. At Invivo, our R&D focuses, for example, on a large number of fields of investigation in which digital technology plays a part rather than being the final answer (research on people, to give just one example).

For Sébastien Graff, DHR of the group, in charge of the roll-out of the “2025 by InVivo” strategic plan, digital transformation is more a condition for innovation, a state of mind. “The digital culture and digital maturity of a company promote the establishment of an open and participatory ecosystem which is conducive to innovation. Digital transformation is therefore mainly a way of looking at things differently, which stimulates the whole business: design, production, sales, management, collaboration, training, interaction. To put it differently, it is a human and cultural revolution more than a technological revolution. This is certainly the vision we support at InVivo.”



2030 by InVivo white paper
The 2030 by InVivo strategic plan is a continuation of the 2025 plan. Its vision is to live up to the challenges faced by cooperatives and the agricultural sector in France and throughout the world. We want to build the third way of agriculture and food intelligence, for the benefit of farmers, consumers and future generations.
17 October 2018
With its Renault Master Z.E., La Plucherie by InVivo delivers custom plant sprouts to 4 Parisian restaurants: LE 39V, Le Ducasse sur Seine, Nomicos and Spoon
Heading for digital transformation : InVivo Tech 2020
Communiqué de presse
14 June 2017
InVivo Labs announces its new identity today. It will become Upscience on 3 July 2017. This new brand embodies the international development momentum initiated by the network of analysis laboratories since 2014. It also positions the company as an expert in its field through an extensive, innovative, and individualised range of analysis.
Communiqué de presse
12 November 2018
Agriculture-dedicated InVivo Group entity Bioline Group is expanding its activity and entering the insurance market with the launch of Bioline Insurance.
Communiqué de presse
05 July 2017
Upscience strengthens its operations in the Brazilian market through the acquisition of the top generation laboratory, Labtec, which has a "State of Art" structure located in the State of São Paulo. This laboratory deals with the most advanced technologies, controls and certifications, being a reference laboratory for many different segments and surveillance bodies in the national market. This acquisition allows the company to develop its activities in Brazil, expand its portfolio of analyzes and position itself as one of the main laboratories in the country, effectively contributing to the verification of safety, compliance, quality control, effectiveness, research and development in many sectors.
01 February 2017
Our subsidiary Neovia , through its venture capital fund “Neovia Venture”, takes a minority stake in Pitpatpet Ltd (PitPat), a UK’s leading provider in the fast growing market of “pet telematics”.
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3 pillars of innovation : InVivo Tech 2020
InVivo Tech 2020: 3 pillars of innovation to meet the needs of farmers and consumers