InVivo Wine in the process of acquiring Café de Paris

01 October 2019

InVivo Wine has entered into exclusive negotiations with Pernod Ricard with a view to acquiring Café de Paris.

For Thierry Blandinières, CEO of InVivo: "This operation fits perfectly with the acquisition strategy of InVivo Wine, which is aiming to become a major operator in the marketing of French wine internationally, founded notably on brands with high added value. We are delighted to be positioning ourselves in the sparkling wine market through Café de Paris,- one of the leading brands in a growing segment."  "Café de Paris is currently one of the 10 best-selling sparkling wine brands worldwide, mainly in Japan, Switzerland and France. This brand, which is not rooted in any specific region, offers virtually unlimited scope for innovation. We shall be taking advantage of its reputation and re-energising the brand before attempting to win over new markets such as China and the USA", adds Frédéric Noyère, CEO of InVivo Wine. 

An ambitious project for the brand and for its production site  This acquisition would provide InVivo Wine with production facilities in this expanding market segment. Flexible and highly efficient, the site would become the development platform for InVivo Wine with the objective of increasing volumes by relaunching the Café de Paris brand, both in France and internationally. This project would be done with a guarantee of maintenance of employment for the 29 employees of the site. The completion of the acquisition is subject to final agreements, after consulting the representative personnel bodies of the entities concerned. 
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