Logistic and storage

Logistics and storage: the driving force of grain exports

InVivo, the leading national operator in grain logistics and storage, with 7 million tonnes loaded (2014-2015), has for more than twenty years been pursuing a policy that is committed to the constant improvement of its logistics chain, enabling it to develop incomparable expertise on the subject. Logistics, the driving force behind InVivo's export business, is a particularly high-performing operation comprising:

  • 12 silos in France positioned along the Atlantic Coast and the major waterway arteries, with a storage capacity of 1.5 million tonnes;
  • significant holdings in the main French exporting ports, including Rouen, Dunkirk and La Pallice;
  • Foreign bases, in particular on the Danube in Hungary and in Morocco.

This infrastructure extends that of the cooperatives responsible for monitoring local field production, collection and storage. An excellent command of upstream processes, which is specific major asset for meeting the differing expectations of international customers. Its subsidiary Magestiv, a rail freight forwarder, which owns more than 475 cargo wagons, provides optimised solutions for transporting supplies to port silos and industrial customers by a block train.

Grain quality: tailored services

Services for silos cover taking delivery, classification, preserving the quality of the goods, grain processing (cleaning, grading, drying), traceability, qualitative preparation for batches and loading. lnVivo has developed a specific IT application, e.solis, to ensure optimal monitoring of traceability. All this know-how enables it to meet very diverse specifications

Recognised expertise in silo engineering

InVivo provides support to its member cooperatives and its end customers for their projects to construct silos and port terminals,

  • relating to construction design;
  • assistance with project management;
  • monitoring work;
  • training operators.