Logistic and storage

PPA embarks on digital transformation

PPA is the listing and negotiation hub for plant protection products and hybrid seeds, and is fully aligned with the demands of the seven regional cooperative groups of which it is composed (Alliance Atlantique Appro, Area, Axéréal, Centrale Convergence, Sicapa, Union Terres de France and Unisud). 

The objective of reducing costs at the hub has been achieved for the great majority of cost centres, and work to optimise administrative flows is making good progress. 

To defend the interests of the agricultural cooperatives, PPA’s strategy committee has been heavily involved in analysing the draft Egalim legislation and the consequences for agriculture distribution of the provisions covering the separation of consultancy from sales for phytosanitary products and the dating its logistics network and mixed fertiliser production facilities. It will be using the two port sites in Sète and Rouen to establish import channels, in a similar manner to its activities at the ports of Rouen and La Pallice for nitrogen solutions. so-called “3R” prohibition, applicable to rebates and discounts. In order to meet new demands in terms of crop protection, PPA is widening its listing and negotiation scope to include biosolutions, exploiting the results of its new experimentation network, which assesses biocontrol products and biostimulants. 

Similarly, PPA’s strategy committee has also been developing a digital platform to help cooperatives seize the opportunity of developing new relationships with farmers based on the supply of input products





Fertiline is accelerating its strategy of fertiliser differentiation

Fertiline has posted good results and is consolidating its position in the French fertiliser market with the acquisition of the French production capacity of impregnated urea from Koch Fertilizer Products SAS, marketed under the Nexen brand.

This acquisition is fully in line with Fertiline’s strategy, reinforcing it in three areas: product differentiation, import purchasing power and development of logistics bases at ports. In the treated urea market, Fertiline now has two offerings: Nexen, a finished product delivered to farmers and distributors, and Novius, a turnkey offering for distributors wishing to make product themselves and sell it under the Novius brand.

In the 2017- 2018 campaign, sales of Nexen and the Fertiline brands, including Novius, stood at 200,000 tonnes.