With a unique expertise as a marketer and producer for more than 40 years, NEODIS masters the value chain from the understanding of the need to the satisfaction of consumers and customers on several areas of expertise:

  • Animal
  • The House and Garden
  • Services to agricultural professionals and intermediaries

Key figures - Marketer

Key figures - Marketer
In revenues
Products line (animal and hygiene)


NEODIS is listenning to individuals in order to provide answers to their daily needs.

With its offer in pet shops, NEODIS feeds and supplies quality accessories for pets and garden animals:

  • Dry and wet food for dogs and cats complemented by a petcare offer.

Thanks to its site located in Charente-Maritime, NEODIS promotes French know-how, from the formulation of recipes to the production ​of foodstuffs.

  • A complete range of equipment, habitat and food for birds, backyard and auxiliary insects

With the acquisition of the company Billaud Grains, specialized for more than 30 years in bird, farmyard and rodent food, NEODIS offers quality products made in France.


Thanks to its different ranges, NEODIS asserts its expertise in the pet industry.

Marques petfood Néodis

The House and Garden

The House and Garden

NEODIS offers complete ranges to protect and maintain your garden and house with expert and innovative solutions.

Through its various products, NEODIS has become a specialist in pest control: rat, mice, moles and biting insects.

In addition to its Garden offer, NEODIS offers a wide range of products for home hygiene and food preservation/freezing.


Services to agricultural professionals and intermediaries

NEODIS also addresses professionnals with complete solutions for the protection, against pests, of stored goods and livestock buildings.

Neodis solutions de protection des productions agricoles