With unique market launch expertise within the green economy, Néodis is in complete control of the value chain, from understanding needs to customer and consumer satisfaction in three fields of competence:

  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Hygiene


For more than 40 years Néodis has striven to answer people’s daily needs in terms of feeding and taking care of their pets (dogs and cats) and garden animals (chickens, birds, hedgehogs, etc.). As well as promoting a beneficial ecosystem (biological pest control and beneficial garden organisms), Néodis offers solutions for fighting pests (biting and stinging insects, rats, mice, mole, etc.).

Via its various brands (Canicaf, Pure Origine, Caticaf, Plume & Compagnie, Biotop and Myriad) Néodis fully asserts its expertise in this field.

Marques petfood Néodis
Neodis Gamme Végétale


Via its Kitchen Gardening and Agrinet brands, Néodis promotes home production and do-it-yourself activities with solutions for growing both indoors and outdoors, preserving fruit and vegetables, and cooking. To protect and maintain one’s home and outdoor areas, Néodis draws on its expertise in maintenance by providing innovative and expert solutions based on agricultural expertise.


Thanks to its extensive knowledge of storage agency needs, Néodis develops complete solutions for the protection of agricultural products from field to fork: analysis, application equipment, products (Nuvragrain, Pro Crop), training, monitoring, etc.

Néodis extends its expertise to animals with safe solutions for the treatment and protection of livestock buildings and livestock (poultry, cattle, sheep, etc. under the AGRINET PRO brand, and cat and dog breeders with CANICAF BREEDERS). A specific range is also dedicated to the hygiene of farm processing premises.

Neodis solutions de protection des productions agricoles