Neovia accelerates its growth in South Africa

05 October 2016

In South Africa, Neovia has acquired the premix company Pennville, opened a distribution and storage centre, and launched a new premix / firm-services brand: Wisium. Three events and a real acceleration on the african continent. 

Launch of a new premix brand: Wisium

Neovia launched its new international premix brand, Wisium, today in South Africa. Launched in July, Wisium is gradually gaining ground in Neovia worldwide: China, Brazil, Italy, and now South Africa.

Acquisition of Pennville

Neovia also announced the acquisition of the premix company, Pennville, today, marking the acceleration in the Premix / Firm-services activity in South Africa. Pennville was founded in 1999 and has 48 employees. "The acquisition of Pennville by Neovia will help us expand our presence in the country and benefit from the industrial, R&D, and sales expertise of a major international group to support our growth", said Allan Pennel, CEO of Pennville.

Opening of a storage and distribution centre of over 1,000 m2

Neovia wishes to strengthen its organic growth as well as its export activity in South Africa and, as such, opened a storage and distribution centre of over 1,000 m2 today. This centre will increase Brits capacity and will facilitate the distribution of its various products and services in South Africa as well as in ten other African countries. This centre is supplemented by new administrative offices.

Growth on the african continent 

Hubert de Roquefeuil, CEO of Neovia: "Neovia has been investing in Africa for many years and has chosen to accelerate its presence on the continent. The takeover of Pennville, our latest investment in South Africa, as well as the recent signing of a major partnership with Olam in Nigeria or the old and strong relationships we have in the Ivory Coast, illustrate this dynamic and the confidence we have in Africa’s medium-term growth. Neovia is eager to accelerate its organic growth in Africa and strongly wants to improve its presence in premix, additives and animal health (South Africa, North-Africa, sub-Saharan Africa)."

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Neovia accelerates its growth in South Africa and diversifies its activities on the continent (press release)