Neovia installs a biomass boiler in Binh Duong

16 December 2016

At the end of 2015, Neovia installed a locally made biomass boiler on its Binh Duong site (north of Ho Chi Minh City).

With a capacity of five tonnes of steam per hour, this totally automated boiler uses a local biomass: rice husks, which are very abundant in Vietnam.

The boiler is versatile and can also work with other energy sources. It is also equipped with a heat exchanger, a soft water production system and a flue gas treatment system. Being directly connected to industrial reporting via the internal network makes it possible to optimise how it operates.

Installing this biomass boiler in the feed plant resulted in a decrease of 18% in energy expenditure and a decrease of 4% in the total production cost.

Moreover, since the steam produced is of high quality, the extrusion and drying processes have been improved as has the quality of the finished products.

In addition to the biomass boiler, Neovia has also deployed a 5S approach (sort, straighten, shine, sense for order, self-discipline) that is synonymous with quality and efficiency throughout the site.