Neovia invests in Pitpatpet Ltd

01 February 2017

Our subsidiary Neovia, through its venture capital fund “Neovia Venture”, takes a minority stake in Pitpatpet Ltd (PitPat), a UK’s leading provider in the fast growing market of “pet telematics”.

This investment will help the company to complete its petcare range of services and is fully in line with the strong investment of Neovia in the innovative field of “interactive petline”: connected objects & data platforms for the petcare and horse industries. 

"Interactive pet line", is a pet approach that includes the extensive use of new technologies and connectivity to improve interaction between the owners and their pets." It completes the outstanding expertise the company already has in formulation, R&D, production and marketing. 

The acquisition of a minority stake in Pitpatpet, a leading UK player in Pet telematics is fully in line with this strategy. Indeed, Pitpatpet is a fast-growing company headquartered in Cambridge which is dedicated to improving animal health and wellbeing through the application of technology and data. The company designs and manufactures affordable products for pet owners, and creates bespoke solutions for commercial partners.  

PitPat’s activity monitor is a simple and unobtrusive device that is securely attached to a dog’s collar. Working with a free app, it provides owners with an activity goal tailored to their dog, and measures how much exercise they are actually getting. This simple combination not only delights dog owners, but also promises to change exercise behaviour, just as it has in the human fitness-monitor sector. The result could be happier, healthier dogs, and lower costs for dog-owners and insurers

For Hubert de Roquefeuil, CEO at Neovia : « “We seize the opportunity to partner with Pitpatpet because it totally fits with our interactive petline innovation field (connected objects and data platforms for dogs, cats and horses). In addition, considering the key positions that Neovia has in France and in major growing international pet food markets such as Latin America or Asia, we see significant opportunities to access to more accurate data that are valuable for our clients and to offer the connected propositions we plan to develop.”

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