DigitalMarket - Digitalisation of trade and markets

DigitalMarket - Digitalisation of trade and markets


The aim of this division is to boost the group’s e-business, by consolidating and developing know-how in digital marketing and e-commerce, and by contributing to the pooling of technology choices, which can then be made available to agricultural and agri-foodstuffs cooperatives or start-ups.

Ouifield is a symbolic example of how this has already been achieved.

By consolidating know-how in digital marketing and e-business, by pooling technology choices within the DigitalMarket division, InVivo Food&Tech wants to speed up the digitalisation of the group’s sectors and of services for its agricultural cooperatives.

Ouifield, the platform for pooling offers of goods and services for cooperatives and their farmer members, has taken over from the central buying service Giga Services, and is a prime example of the type of projects that InVivo wants to undertake. Discussions are also underway regarding integrating further digital tools across the production, processing and marketing chain, which covers everything from farms to cooperative tools to agri-foodstuffs factories.