Our CSR policy

Foster the agricultural and food transition

Foster the agricultural and food transition

InVivo, as a cooperative group, puts its business model at the service of the farmers of its member cooperatives. This special status enabled InVivo's teams to actively participate in the debates that led to the drafting of the PACTE law (coming into force in May 2019, this law defines the status of a mission company). And it was in October 2020, that InVivo became a mission-driven company.

InVivo's raison d'être is to foster the agricultural and food transition to a resilient agrosystem by designing innovative, responsible solutions and products in line with the principles of regenerative agriculture, for the benefit of farmers and consumers. The group affirms this ambition through 5 main objectives:

  1. Achieving zero pesticide residue
  2. To contribute to carbon neutrality
  3. Preserve and regenerate the soil
  4. Restore and enhance biodiversity
  5. Diversify farmers' income

InVivo is committed to enhancing the role of agriculture in order to promote healthy, high-quality food, to reduce its ecological footprint, to ensure food for future generations and the sustainability of our ecosystem. This approach is a natural part of the InVivo group's DNA and represents a real opportunity to deepen its commitments.

Our commitments

At InVivo, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is integrated into the strategy as a performance lever and innovation driver for the organization and its partners. The group's various business lines support the CSR policy, which is based on six fundamental commitments:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of our operations
  • Designing and developing positive impact offers
  • Contribute to the sustainable economic performance of territories
  • Making our responsible offer accessible
  • Making our employees our best engine for progress
  • Making dialogue with our stakeholders a lever for responsible development

The CSR policy is in line with the group's mission and provides concrete responses to the challenges and objectives defined in the strategic plan 2030 by InVivo.

Our non-financial performance statement

Each year, we list all the actions deployed as part of our CSR policy in our non-financial performance statement.

This publication, made mandatory by Decree No. 2017-1265 of August 9, 2017, reports on the objectives defined and the related performance indicators.