People at the heart of our actions

The challenges in the world cannot be met solely by individual initiatives. There needs to be collaboration between all stakeholders to bring about more effective, collective initiatives.

InVivo wishes to participate in the development of a circular, collaborative and innovative economy that stimulates economic activity in the regions, involving our suppliers and customers, producers and consumers, universities, research centres and start-ups.

Our “2025 by InVivo” strategy is a collective project, which is meaningful for the group's employees and its member cooperatives, for all agricultural stakeholders, and for society as a whole. 


Developing the territories in which we are based

InVivo and the agricultural world support a model built on local and regional economies and which improves those geographies’ resilience and vibrancy. 

Being a socially responsible group

InVivo is committed to being a socially responsible group thanks to its long-term approach to economics and its way of pursuing progress in concert with its employees and partners. 


Stimulate innovation and build the future

InVivo empowers creative synergies capable of conceiving and producing novel solutions which are ever more pertinent, responsible, and capable of ensuring sustainable growth.