Smart Cooperation for a sustainable growth

In order to feed sustainably a booming worldwide population, InVivo is structuring a participative approach signed "Smart Cooperation".

It is by working responsibly at every level that we can ensure the performance of our group. For us, performance must drive innovation and be a progress lever for all our stakeholders.

As the leading French agricultural cooperative group, we are acutely aware of our responsibilities, which go well beyond our own activities.

We must be exemplary, faithful to cooperative ethics based on honesty, transparency, social responsibility and altruism.


The Group is rolling out “Smart cooperation” and developing collective intelligence, unifying players and contributing its expertise in a spirit of openness and dialogue with all stakeholders.

It relies on the strength of the cooperative model and the values and ethical principles of cooperation. This is how we will be able to better nourish people, help farmers to improve the quantity and quality of their production in a profitable manner, and respond to the expectations of consumers and citizens.

« Smart cooperation » is based on :

  • Activating collective intelligence by establishing public-private partnerships in order to diversify our activities and bring sustainable innovations, useable by the widest range of users;
  • Deploying, for our cooperatives and farmers regardless of the  size of their exploitation, the best precision techniques to produce more and better;
  • Encouraging skill-transfer by sharing our know how to  assist the self-sufficiency of farmers around the world  especially within our group’s internationalization;
  • Listening and dialoguing with all internal and external stakeholders to collectively build answers to tomorrow’s needs. 

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