"Société à mission"

Société à mission

Since 2014, InVivo has begun a transformation of its business model to build a more sustainable and resilient food system that serves the agri-food industry, consumers and the environment. Concerned about its impact on its ecosystem, InVivo has become a "Société à mission"


Pact Act

Introduced in May 2019 by the Loi Pacte, the quality of a company with a mission aims to change the place of the company in society. It allows a company to define its "raison d'être" through several social and environmental objectives. A mission-driven company's commitments extend beyond the responsibilities of its normal, everyday business. Mission involves certain positive contributions that directly benefit society.

Raison d'être

Raison d'être

InVivo's "raison d'être", conceived and co-constructed with all its stakeholders, is to foster the agricultural and food transition to a resilient agrosystem by designing innovative, responsible solutions and products in line with the principles of regenerative agriculture, for the benefit of farmers and consumers.

InVivo is committed to creating, structuring and promoting "intelligent agriculture and food" in its various businesses and throughout the value chain, by linking respect for life and the land to the needs of those who grow it and those who eat from it. 

InVivo is working towards greater resilience in the face of climate change, to make agriculture, viticulture and gardening assets for the environment, biodiversity and soil quality, by promoting regenerative agriculture that combines quantity, quality and sobriety of resources.

By becoming a company with a mission, the group is inaugurating a new stage of collective reflection and consolidating its development dynamics through impactful social and environmental commitments, which will guide its action and its capacity for innovation in the long term. 

Mission committee

Under the guidance of its mission committee, which is made up of three qualified individuals and four employees representing the group's various business lines, InVivo invests the financial and human resources needed to translate and implement this raison d'être in its activities.