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Taking action to achieve sustainable agriculture and food supply

By offering a global range of sustainable and innovative solutions and services, Bioline by InVivo is building the third way of agriculture.

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Our sustainable commitments

Through its commitments, Bioline by InVivo expresses its will to improve its own impact by working on its operations, and to actively contribute through its offers to the ecological transition of the agricultural sector. The place of human beings and cooperation are also reaffirmed: Bioline is committed to working with and for its stakeholders. Our commitments: • Reduce the ecological impact of our operations • Contribute to sustainable economic performance where we operate • Design and develop positive impact offers • Ensure the accessibility of our responsible offer • Make our employees our best driver for progress • Making dialogue with our stakeholders a lever for responsible development.

Buying together

The PPA (Pôle Partenaires Agrofourniture - agricultural supplies partnership) references protective products for biological and synthetic plants and seeds, offering the cooperatives and their farming members a wide range of solutions that have proven to be effective. Within the PPA, six regional unions bringing together more than 100 cooperatives negotiate part of their purchase conditions. Central listing and purchasing office for a national network of cooperative group subsidiaries, specialising in the green spaces, sports flooring, horticulture and nursery markets.

Vert Cité, central listing and purchasing office for a national network of cooperative group subsidiaries, specialising in the green spaces, sports flooring, horticulture and nursery markets.


Bioline by InVivo has built up a huge skill base around sowing (Bioline Seeds) with Semences de France, the foremost operator in the French market, LS Production, the leading French producer of rapeseed, the European subsidiaries Novasem (Italy) and Tradisco Seeds (Hungary), and the company DTI Sementes (Brazil) operating under the brand name Agrosol.

In 2019, Bioline Seeds acquired the French firm Aegilops specialised in the design of seed coating and film-coating products.


Fertiline has tools for manufacturing speciality and urea-impregnated fertilisers, with two flagship products: Nexen and Novius are high-performance nitrogen fertilisers benefiting from innovative technologies that increase the amount of nitrogen available to plants and limit losses due to volatilisation into the environment.


To facilitate the management of the activity of the farms and improve their performance, Bioline by InVivo relies on :
• SMAG, the French leader in agricultural IT, which designs and publishes software for farm management and production traceability.
• be Api, which offers reliable and cost-effective agro-ecological precision farming solutions for the intra-parcel modulation of all inputs;
• Fermes LEADER, which accelerates the transformation to sustainable agriculture by accompanying cooperatives and farmers in the implementation of innovative services in the field.
• Agrinovex, the experimental farm for the conduct of plant and technological innovations, serving the agri-supply industry.


For plant protection, Bioline by InVivo and the specialised entities Phyteurop (France), Life Scientific (Ireland), CCAB Agro (Brazil) and InOu (China) encourage the well-thought-out use of phytosanitary products, combined with other solutions, for example the biocontrol systems produced by Bioline AgroSciences. To become a top-ranking player in the global biocontrol sector, Bioline by InVivo is accelerating the development of this activity.

Increasing and protecting farmers’ revenue is also of major importance in optimising the value chain and is a key objective for the InVivo group. Agrosolutions provides expertise and advice aimed at improving production, anticipating risks and identifying new revenue sources. Atekka and Protélis offered tailored solutions to directly secure farmers’ financial resources.


• Agrosolutions provides expertise and advice to improve production, anticipate risks, and identify new sources of revenue.

• InVivo Logistique et stockage, the entity dedicated to the port handling of cereals of the InVivo group. With more than 5 million tons handled by its 12 silos, located on the major export routes in France, InVivo Logistique & stockage is a recognized expert in grain handling.

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