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First and foremost, InVivo is an incomparable diversity of businesses connected to the challenges of the present and the future, enabling you to take concrete action to facilitate the agricultural and food transition by bringing innovative, responsible and sustainable solutions to all our sectors.

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  • I'm proud to be making a tangible contribution to the ecological transition and the transformation of the agricultural sector towards a more virtuous model.

  • Several members of my team have had opportunities for mobility, showing that the company encourages internal development.

  • My manager encourages direct exchanges with my N+2, and there are no hierarchical barriers.

  • It's a group with a strong identity, coherent and caring, focused on performance. Everyone has autonomy and opportunities to take initiatives.

  • We have a vast field of action and unlimited opportunities. We tackle innovative environmental issues.

  • We combine tradition and modernity to secure tomorrow's agriculture, based on cooperation, mutual support and our attachment to the land.

  • You'll never be bored! When you join the Group, you'll have access to a wide variety of jobs and profiles.

A committed group with concrete solutions

A company with a mission since 2020, supported by powerful CSR commitments, InVivo is 14,500 women and men who work every day to make a concrete impact throughout the agri-food value chain, by linking respect for life and the land to the needs of those who grow it and those who eat from it. 

The Group's various business lines support the CSR policy, which is based on 6 fundamentals:

  • 🌿 Reducing the ecological impact of our operations,
  • 💫 Designing and developing offers with a positive impact,
  • 📈 Contribute to the sustainable economic performance of territories and make our responsible offer accessible,
  • 🚀 Make our employees our best driver for progress,
  • 👩‍🌾 Make dialogue with our stakeholders a lever for responsible development.
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A close-knit team to meet the challenges

More than just a company, InVivo is a true collective united around a common goal: to feed the planet sustainably. At InVivo, we cultivate strong values:

  • A taste for challenge: together, we take on bold, innovative challenges to meet the food industry challenges of tomorrow.
  • Mutual assistance, trust and proximity: within our teams, collaboration and mutual support are fundamental pillars.
  • Pragmatism: with a focus on concrete action and efficiency, we find pragmatic solutions to everyday challenges.
  • Commitment and sincerity: acting with integrity and transparency, we are proud to contribute to a project that makes sense.

Our Human Resources Policy

InVivo's Human Resources policy is aimed at all InVivo group employees worldwide.

Its aim is to support the group's strategy, to accompany changes and to encourage the development of its employees in new ways, new tools, new practices, etc.

To this end, the group respects a policy of equal treatment, promotes diversity of profiles and talents and encourages innovation and cooperation.

This strategy is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Supporting managers on a daily basis,
  • The development of skills for the professional and personal progress of each individual,
  • The creation of bridges between businesses to encourage internal mobility, a factor in growth and development.

In a context of profound technological change, the Human Resources policy supports the evolution of the business lines and the modernization of the organization by promoting the spirit of innovation that characterizes its corporate culture.

Reveal your range of possibilities

InVivo already has more than 14,500 committed and passionate employees. So why shouldn't you? 

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