Expert partner of the wheat sector, creator of value and sustainability

  • Our mission

Transmitting the best of wheat and our know-how in the industry.

We have a unique expertise in the wheat industry, resulting from the synergies of our three activities, milling, ingredients and bakery and pastry-making, and from the strength that links us to the agricultural sector.

Our uniqueness lies in the richness of our know-how from the field to the finished product and our agility in designing sustainable offers that create value for our artisanal, restaurant, industrial and retail customers.

All over the world, we offer excellent technical solutions (flours, ingredients) for perfect production as well as authentic and tasty products (bread, pastries, cakes) to delight your customers.
Our expert staff will accompany and inspire you in the development of the best recipes and offer you services for optimal value to the end consumer.

We are committed to act for the transition in the respect of people and the earth with Sowing Sense, our sustainable supply chain approach and our CSR policy.

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Our strategic objectives

  1. Strengthen its position as a leading player in milling and industrial baking with Neuhauser and Moulins Soufflet.
  2. Support the agri-food transition with a sustainable offering that fully optimises the wheat value chain.
  3. Structure and develop short procedures to improve the quality and traceability of premium and artisan production processes.

Develop sustainable industries in France

We are committed to acting for the transition while respecting people and the earth, by developing products with a positive impact, from the sustainable Sowing Sense channels, and by making human safety a priority for all.

  • Episens

The trades in the wheat sector:


Moulins Soufflet

Moulins Soufflet is one of Europe's leading millers, with 8 mills in France and one in Belgium. The company, an expert in wheat selection, formulates and markets tailor-made, traced flours from sustainable production channels for its customers - bakers, supermarkets and food manufacturers - in France and abroad.

With its Baguépi Farine Responsable brand, Moulins Soufflet supports artisan bakers in developing the excellence of their know-how as part of the "Sowing Sense" sustainability approach to wheat production.


AIT Ingrédients

AIT is a manufacturer of customised ingredient solutions and is committed to sustainable production chains. It operates on an international scale through its 6 subsidiaries.
AIT produces technical (improvers and correctors, enzymes) and creative (sourdoughs, mixes, cereal ingredients) solutions for the milling, bread-making, pasta and distribution industries.

From the evaluation of wheat and flour quality to the formulation of various finished products, our expert teams offer you complete, customized support on the European, African, South American, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

Soufflet Biotechnologies' expertise enables the production of yeasts for bread-making and enzymes for various sectors such as oenology, fruit processing, bread-making, brewing and animal feed.



Neuhauser has been a leading player in French baking know-how since 1906 and is committed to sustainable development. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of breads, puff pastries, doughnuts, brioches and culinary aids at its 11 French sites, and is also a specialist in pasteis de nata through its Portuguese subsidiary. Neuhauser distributes its products to specialized distributors in the bakery and catering sector, in the retail sector, in France, Europe and worldwide.

Neuhauser promotes its products and know-how through its own brands, such as Le Petit Français, for export.

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