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Soufflet Vigne offers its agronomic, oenological, technical and regulatory expertise to winegrowers, cooperatives and merchants

tructured into three distinct markets, Consulting & Services (represented by its Vitivalor Solutions brand), and Vine & Wine, Soufflet Vigne supports its winegrower, cooperative winery and merchant customers at every stage in the life of their operations by offering them its agronomic, oenological, technical and regulatory know-how and expertise, together with a complete range of own-brand products, from planting and maintaining the vine to maturing and packaging the wine.

With a network of 28 stores located in the main vineyards, Soufflet Vigne is a major player in the French wine industry.

In addition, through its Le Souffle Vert brand, Soufflet Vigne is present on the Green Spaces and Landscaping market.


To meet today's challenges and anticipate those of tomorrow

To accompany our customers in their problems by developing new agronomic solutions for bioprotection, plant stimulation, nutrition and the fight against climatic hazards.
To develop a deeply differentiating offer in oenology, cellar equipment and wine packaging.

The technical teams experiment and select products on the basis of their effectiveness and results, and design our own product ranges for the FERTECH, VINEXTASE, NUTRIVERT and TECHNISTAR brands.

Our vocation is to create value for our customers, to help them produce and enhance their wines. To do this, SOUFFLET VIGNE does everything possible to provide its customers with new and innovative solutions to meet the many challenges of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.


Vitivalor®, 1st network of wine consultants in France

VITIVALOR Solutions 360°, brings together a range of expertise at the service of winemakers, from the planting of the vine to the sale of their wines.
With its 17 consultants, the VITIVALOR network covers a range of important needs of wine growers, cooperative wineries and wine merchants.

For the definition of the strategy of an estate, operational support in the vineyard or in the cellar, agro-environmental transition and quality certifications, administrative delegation and applications for subsidies, marketing and support for the sale of wines, and management of wine estates on behalf of third parties.

Le Souffle Vert

Technical partner of excellence for green spaces
Le Souffle Vert offers a wide selection of products for professionals in the creation and maintenance of gardens and green spaces.

Specialized, Le Souffle Vert teams are trained to bring local, technical and technological answers to the problems of communities, landscapers, castles and estates, sports grounds, golf courses, etc.

The website is also a real showcase of Souffle Vert's know-how and expertise, including all the product catalogs, but also practical news and advice (texts or video tutorials).

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