Soufflet Agriculture

Services and expertise to support farmers

Soufflet Agriculture is the leading privately-owned grain buyer in Europe.

With a presence in the main arable farming regions of France, as well as in Europe and the CIS, the company collects, stores and markets agricultural produce, and distributes agricultural supplies.

Soufflet Agriculture supports farmers in their development by providing advice, personalised agronomic expertise, technical monitoring and a range of innovative and competitive solutions to meet the needs of the agri-food sectors and industries. The company maintains close relations with its customers wherever it is present.


To support farmers through services: technical advice, securing of outlets and enhancement of the value of produce as part of a sector-based approach.

To develop innovative products and services to meet consumer expectations and societal and environmental challenges.

Biodiversity, soil and climate

  • Products and services that make it possible to avoid or reduce the use of synthetic phytosanitary products (precision agriculture, biocontrol, biosolutions, agronomic practices, varietal selection, etc.).
  • Products/services that can be awarded the Low Carbon Label because they avoid GHG emissions or store carbon in the soil.
  • Products/services that preserve/improve the quality of agricultural soils (soil biodiversity, organic matter, water storage, etc.).
  • Tools/services to design/manage/steer low-carbon approaches.

Value added to the farmer and farmer income

  • Products/services that bring a proven economic advantage to agriculture (better yield with a competitively priced product/service; fewer inputs required for the same yield; competitive product/service price, etc.)
  • Products/services allowing the farmer to be part of remunerative chains (chain/carbon premium).
  • Products/services bringing a proven comfort to the farmer (time saved, mental load).
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  • the mobile application

Farmi: the multiservice application

Created in 2017, the Farmi app is free and open to all farmers, whether or not they are customers of Soufflet Agriculture.

Its functions are numerous:

  • the weather: over 7 days and news (crops and markets),
  • Euronext and Chicago market quotations and a daily market note written by our experts, • access to the map of our silos (opening hours and contact details),
  • a dedicated space to attach their farm(s), find all the sales and purchases movements, the associated invoice numbers, their current account and thus make payment requests directly from the mobile APP.
  • the possibility of selling online: access to Soufflet Agriculture's price offers, updated every 15 minutes, and the possibility of contracting directly in the application in a totally secure manner.
  • a set of agronomic tools spearheaded by AVIZIO and CROP OBSERVER.

The application also offers complete and effective agronomic support: expert advice, help in identifying diseases or pests, sharing of agronomic observations between Soufflet producers and agronomists, and contact with the Crop Relation Agents (CRA) of the trade.

  • The ecommerce

Farmi, the online sales site

The Farmi application is complemented by an ecommerce site with an online sales catalog of fertilizers, seeds, phytosanitary products, animal feed, fuels, various agricultural equipment and services.

Cereal farmers can order their own fertilization recommendation card, generated from satellite measurements specific to their plot.

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