Heading to 2030

2030 by InVivo

The InVivo group is fully aware of its responsibilities.

These responsibilities are towards cooperatives, farmers, consumers and citizens.
Responsibilities to support the transition in agriculture, to serve European food sovereignty and to be a long-term player. And in order to live up to its ambitions, set collectively, and to achieve its objectives for 2030, the group is renewing its strategic plan in a characteristically co-constructive approach, calling on all its stakeholders.

Thierry Blandinières, Chief Executive Officer.

Foster the agricultural and food transition by designing innovative solutions, for the benefit of farmers and consumers.

Pandemics, wars, shortages, inflation... Who can be optimistic about the future? “We can!” We can be optimistic about the future. InVivo, France's leading agricultural cooperative group, ensures the continuity of the food chain. To address the unprecedented challenges we face, we must pursue our investments and diversification. The collective strength and spirit of conquest are the driving forces behind our group's development. Our agility and dynamism allow us to seize opportunities even when they are generated by crises. We will continue moving forward and accelerating, in line with our identity: "A mission-driven company that promotes the agricultural and food transition, through innovative and responsible solutions and products, for the benefit of farmers and consumers." And even when the economic situation makes the path difficult, we maintain this course thanks to our three guiding principles embodied by the collective strength. We are a company in perpetual motion with a dynamic project. Our agility enables us to adapt to any context to always generate value. The diversity of our activities enables us to overcome repeated and unprecedented crises. We will therefore continue to invest and position ourselves in resilient markets with the same discipline and energy. Because the bigger we are, the more we will have the means to achieve our ambitions. We will be able to act on the agricultural transition and food sovereignty issues, for the benefit of cooperatives and farmers. In order to meet the challenges ahead, we are redesigning our roadmap: our 2030 by InVivo strategic plan, v. 2023. InVivo. At the heart of the third agricultural revolution Open the transcript (new window)

Creating value through sustainable change

  • Working towards
    zero pesticide residues

    By designing/ managing/ promoting practices aimed at reducing the use of chemical plant protection products to the extent necessary.

  • Restoring
    and enhancing


    By designing/ piloting/ promoting practices favorable to cultivated and natural biodiversity.

  • Contributing
    to carbon

    By reducing our own and others' direct and indirect emissions and increasing carbon sinks.

  • Preserving
    and regenerating

    the soil

    By promoting farming approaches that follow the principles of regenerative agriculture, such as improving or preserving water and carbon storage in soils.

  • Diversifying

    By supporting local actors in the development of responsible channels for their good management and valorization.

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2030 by InVivo

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