Sowing Good Sense

Acting in favour of the agricultural and food transition

Sowing Good Sense

At the heart of the InVivo group's ambitions, my Sowing Sense approach initiates and develops sustainable sectors (wheat, barley, vineyards) that create value from the farmer to the consumer and respect the environment.

It is a unique and innovative approach, which accompanies and promotes changes in agricultural practices. 

The InVivo Group's sustainable supply chain approach

Thanks to the InVivo group's complete control of all the links in the agri-food chain: from seed to cultivation, from collection to primary and secondary processing, right through to distribution, Semons du Sens brings together all the players in our sectors, from upstream to downstream, by catalysing sustainable initiatives within the same dynamic.

A sustainability approach that fully integrates CSR commitments

At the forefront of sustainability issues, it connects downstream expectations with upstream agricultural practices.

With 8,500 committed farmers today, Semons du Sens plays a very concrete role in the implementation of agro-ecological practices, helping to reduce the carbon footprint, promote biodiversity, preserve water resources and soil quality.

Semons du Sens is a sustainability approach that materialises the trajectory of our CSR commitments and gives concrete expression to our ambitions.