Agricultural supplies

Priority on pooling

Working closely with partner cooperatives, InVivo Agro acts as a national central office by pooling referencing and purchasing for agricultural supplies, including:

  • seeds
  • fertilisers
  • crop protection products
  • farming equipment. 

Novafield, the new European agricultural union

InVivo’s pooling policy extends to international level as part of Novafield, a company grouping five national agricultural distribution structures (cooperatives, cooperative unions and companies), each one a leader in its country: InVivo in France, Agravis in Germany, DLA in Denmark, Hutchinsons in the UK and Fenaco in Switzerland.

  • Leaders in agricultural supply businesses (seeds, plant health, fertilisation)
  • Experts in agronomy
  • Present in 13 countries

Strategic alliances

InVivo Agro is also forming strategic alliances aimed at bringing cooperatives and their farmers innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions. As part of this policy, InVivo has acquired a stake in Life Scientific, an Irish R&D company specialised in off-patent crop protection products