A more and more technical and sustainable agriculture

Bioline Group

Bioline Group

Bioline contributes to the emergence of the 3rd way of agriculture with actors of the agricultural world in order to meet the needs of all men while preserving natural resources. 

A global offer of sustainable and innovative solutions and services, Bioline by InVivo builds the 3rd way of agriculture.

This global umbrella brand represents a unique alliance of recognized expertise at the service of the performance of French, European and global agriculture.

Key Figures
in revenue
of production for France which is the leading agricultural power in Europe
people in 2050. Agricultural production will have to increase by 70% to feed these people.


Acheter ensemble

Le PPA (Pôle Partenaires Agrofourniture) référence des produits de protection des plantes de synthèse et biologiques, ainsi que des semences, de manière à fournir aux coopératives et à leurs adhérents agriculteurs, un large choix de solutions ayant prouvé leur efficacité. 

Au sein du PPA, six unions régionales réunissant plus de 100 coopératives négocient ensemble une partie de leurs conditions d'achat.


Semences de France, the leader in the French market, is the specialised Group subsidiary that:

  • coordinates the production of straw cereals seeds with its network of 35 cooperatives;
  • markets varieties using two business models: franchising for straw cereals and selling through its own outlets for hybrids and forage; 
  • tests varieties supplied by plant breeders, using its testing and monitoring network Variétoscope to identify the best varieties in the market.
Division semences InVivo vignette



Fertiline dispose d'outils de fabrication d'engrais de spécialités et d'urée imprégnée avec deux produits phares : Nexen et Novius, des fertilisants azotés hautes performances bénéficiant de technologies innovantes qui augmentent la quantité d'azote disponible pour les plantes et en limitent les pertes par volatilisation dans l'environnement.

Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture Since June 2014, InVivo has been the majority shareholder in SMAG, a publisher of Web solutions for the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors. SMAG has 120 employees, 400 client distributors, and 30,000 users in over ten countries.

It is focused on:

  • marketing the best range of decision-making tools for farmers, distributors and other professionals in the agricultural and agri-food sectors;
  • introducing its know-how in other countries.
InVivo Smart Agriculture
Vignette Agrofourniture

Agricultural supplies

The leading grouped purchasing and referencing organisation in France in the areas of plant protection and seeds, InVivo Agro performs two strategic functions:

  • pooling upstream purchases (crop protection, fertilisers, agricultural equipment) in France and Europe;
  • securing supplies and innovating through strategic alliances to create value upstream and bring certain products into general use.