Animal Nutrition and Health


A multi-business, multi-species and multi-region approach

Neovia (ex InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health) ranks among the world leaders in the sector.

Its ambition of gaining worldwide recognition as the benchmark in innovative products and services for livestock breeding is being achieved through

  • a dynamic international development
  • a well-balanced portfolio in terms of businesses, species and geographical presence. 

Neovia has built a matrix organization through 7 activities

  • Complete feed
  • Aquaculture
  • PetCare
  • Firm-services and premixes
  • Additives & ingredients
  • Animal health
  • Analysis laboratories


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Complete feed 

Neovia’s experts design, produce, and market complete feed adapted to livestock production targets and the nutritional needs of each species.

The company has a global purchasing centre for raw materials that allow it to source high performing macro and micro ingredients

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The aquaculture market will grow by 450% between now and 2040. Neovia focuses on a holistic and innovative approach, ranging from food to the management of livestock ponds (quality, management of the water circuit) in order to ensure quality production.

It holds the leading position in various key markets: Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam.


The world pet food market is growing steadily and is characterised by a tendency to both humanise the animal and “premiumise” their needs.

Beyond high quality food, Neovia invests in new technologies and connected objects to promote better interaction between humans and their pets.

Firmes Services InVivo NSA

Firm-services and premixes

The Neovia business services support and advise industrial or on-farm food manufacturers through a powerful network of experts:

  • formulation,
  • nutritional advice,
  • zootechnical and animal health monitoring,
  • decision support tools,
  • specific food programmes,
  • marketing and commercial support,
  • quality control plans. 

Additives & Ingredients

Neovia develops innovative, sustainable and profitable feed additives to improve the zootechnical and economic performances of livestock farms and breed animals in a healthier way.

Organised around leading brands, it markets a wide range of innovative products and services and develops new concepts that are highly differentiating such as functional ingredients that bring a specific benefit to a food: taste, texture, hydration, health.


Analysis laboratories

The Neovia laboratories are organised with a global level network: Vietnam, China, Brazil, Italy. The analyses include food and feed, pet food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, molecular biology, the environment and pharmacy.

Animal health

The activity develops product ranges and solutions to preserve and improve animal health and welfare:

  • animal hygiene products and livestock buildings,
  • dietary specialities
  • medicines prescribed by vets.
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