Big Data and Agriculture

 SMAG: Digital solutions for efficient and sustainable agriculture

SMAG publishes and develops agricultural software related to the efficiency of farming practices, and supports the digital transformation of the entire agricultural profession.

SMAG softwares are a real system that combines daily farming practices with the power of agricultural Big Data. Integrated with Smart Agriculture, they aim to produce more and better sustainably, thanks to digital technologies and robotization.

  • SMAG software solutions aim to facilitate collaborations between the different actors in agriculture and the provision of expertise to operational staff.
  • The practice and respect of production charters, standards and regulations is an important element of our solutions.
  • The integration of the possibilities offered by agricultural Big Data, connected objects and precision agriculture are at the center of SMAG's innovations.

By taking a majority stake in SMAG in 2014, the French leader in information systems for agriculture, InVivo is seeking to build a big agri-data business model.

Agriculture and big data : understanding

Agriculture and big data : understanding

be Api: Precision farming

be Api: Precision farming

Three new cooperatives joined be Api: La Flandre, Terre d’Alliances et Dauphinoise, bringing the total number of affiliated cooperatives to 36. 

The average investment for a 150 hectare farm adopting precision agriculture is between 12 000 and 20 000 euros.

One of be Api's ambitions is to support cooperatives in their service and digital transformation activities and to act as a catalyst to enable them to find the right organisational structure to develop their service offering.