The cooperative spirit

Cooperation adds value,

Faithful to that founding spirit, the members of cooperatives uphold a system of ethics based on :

  1. honesty,
  2. transparency,
  3. equality,
  4. social responsibility,
  5. fairness,
  6. altruism.

Because these principles are increasingly aligned with public opinion on governance, the cooperative model more than ever holds significant future promise. "Through their distinctive focus on values, cooperatives have proven themselves a resilient and viable business model that can prosper even during diffi cult times." Message of the Secretary General of the United Nations at the International Day of Cooperatives, July 3rd, 2011

With 220 member cooperatives, InVivo is a “cooperative of cooperatives”. It is France’s leading agricultural cooperative group. As such, InVivo is investing to spread the word on and promote the strengths of the cooperative model in terms of economics, employment and the environment at grassroots level. These efforts are evidenced in the Group’s commitment to the national communication campaign on French agricultural cooperation2.

The brand tagline, (Cooperation adds value / Coopérer, source de valeur) highlights a unique strength that results from the pooling power of InVivo with its members and the cooperative values that ground our actions in the long term. At InVivo, cooperation is a real source of value added for all the players in agricultural and agri-food sectors.

To take up the challenges in today’s globally competitive world, French agriculture and agricultural cooperation need to fully play their role.



The cooperative movement worldwide in figures

Co-operative enterprises worldwide employ 250 million people, within the G20 countries, co-operative employment makes up almost 12 % of the total employed population.

In 1994, the United Nations estimated that the standard of living of 3 billion people (half the world population) had been improved thanks to cooperatives.

Source : monitorcoop



The values of InVivo Group :

  • Humanism,
  • Commitment,
  • Innovation,
  • Team Spirit,
  • Enthusiasm.