A new organisation

The Group’s strategy will reflect in a three-tiered organisation structure to meet our ambitions.

The “Union of cooperatives”, encompassing the Group’s long-standing businesses and the allocated resources. Acting as the Group’s parent company, it manages the interests of members and sets out strategic directions. Governance is exclusively by representatives of member cooperatives.

The main holding company, “InVivo Group”, responsible for corporate and brand functions and forming the dividing line between activities inherent to the Union of cooperatives and economic activities.

Business-line subsidiaries/holding companies, bringing together all the Group’s economic activities corresponding to the laws of the markets in which they are based. Each business-line subsidiary/holding company establishes and rolls out its own strategy in respect of Group strategy.

An adapted model of governance

InVivo policy directions are established by a board of directors. Day-to-day business management is ensured by an executive committee, flanked by operational and functional departments.

The board is made up of 29 cooperative-mandated representatives and six qualified persons.

Five monitoring committees have been created: AgroSciences, Seeds, Nutrition France, Retail and Wine. Between two and four directors sit on each of these. They review the key points of the activity concerned, its economic and financial performance, areas requiring further investigation.

The management team consists of an executive commitee (Comex) and a management commitee.

The Executive Committee, made up of five members, establishes and implements the Group’s strategy. It tracks the performances and results of the different business units and leads strategic projects.

The management commitee is made-up of 29 managers of operational and functional departments and the Comex. It coordinates the management of activities, tools and employees.


Philippe Mangin, chairman of InVivo (left) et Jérôme Calleau, deputy chairman of InVivo (right).

Executive comitee
Group Chief Financial and Operating Officer​ ​
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Director of human ressources, CRS and communication
Director of InVivo Agriculture
President & CEO of Neovia
Board of directors

The board of directors represents all of the member cooperatives and determines the Group’s policy directions. The board ensures compliance with the Group’s policy directions. Made up of nine members and one qualified person, the board prepares the materials presented at the board of directors meeting.

206 cooperatives

206 cooperatives meet at an annual general assembly to elect the members of the board of directors.