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Trading: a “global niche player” strategy

Trading: a “global niche player” strategy


InVivo Trading's "global niche player" strategy is based on three main objectives:

-     Its historical vocation of optimizing French exports to third country destinations. Member cooperatives commit part of their grain to InGrains, the digital trading platform developed by InVivo Trading exclusively for the cooperatives. Furthermore, InVivo Trading is a major operator on the European oilseeds markets.

-     Balancing its portfolio through the development of resilient margin business via the distribution of corn and soybean meal in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and soya beans in China – sourced through partnerships in the major producing countries. These are the missions of the teams in our offices in Sao Paolo, Singapore and Shanghaï.

-     Monetize its expertise in consulting and risk management. Its main value proposition is to transform uncertainty on agricultural commodities markets into controlled risk, using market forecasting tools and advanced risk management systems.

The influence of In Vivo Trading on international markets is built upon a network of partnerships with other likeminded companies operating at world market level.

By 2025, Invivo Trading’s ambition is to be a benchmark for International Grain Trading in Europe.

InGrains: the first step for a French cooperative project

InGrains: the first step for a French cooperative project

A digital platform dedicated to the export of wheat of French origin, InGrains is a system accessible by the cooperatives engaged with Union InVivo, whose mission is to seek out added value for the French industry.  

By pooling goods right up to FOB handover, the construction of InGrains is just the first step in the construction of a competitive sec - tor. Union InVivo is seeking to take pooling even further in order to reduce the current risk of negative margins in the wheat export mar - ket. Work is underway with other cooperative groups to construct a co-managed logistics chain able to operate in pull-flow mode, and even to create a common structure of grain marketing. 



The Fermes LEADER : network is in place

The Fermes LEADER : network is in place


By bringing together 1,000 farms by 2020, the objective of the Fermes LEADER network is to offer a practical supervisory service designed to identify opportunities by pooling resources between farmers and cooperatives.

The network already unites 21 cooperatives and 300 farms around three objectives:

- to provide on-the-ground support for cooperatives’ digital initiatives by measuring, popularising and communicating innovations introduced by the cooperatives

- to characterise in detail the production types (land or livestock) using sensors designed to help optimise agricultural operations and innovations

- to monitor farming operations through economic and environmental performance indicators involving all operators in the sector, as in the case of the Agriprogress initiative conducted with McDonald’s and Agromousquetaires.