Message from the CEO

2017-2018 confirms that InVivo’s strategic plan, 2025 by InVivo, is on the right track. Despite revenue falling to 5.2 billion euros, economic performance is ahead of our five-year business plan. Group Ebitda stands at 163 million euros, a rise of 30 million euros over the previous year. In five years, Ebitda has increased by 125 million euros. This overall performance has been achieved thanks to accelerated growth among the various business units.

In 2019, the 2030 by InVivo plan will be produced by the Board of Directors and senior managers, with the involvement of employees and stakeholders. The 2030 by InVivo plan will reflect our change in strategic direction and define the major decisions to be taken in terms of business model and governance. Our goal is to boost investment in two sectors of excellence, namely cereals and wine, both of which have shaped the French economy and regional agriculture and which we are convinced are still well placed not only to meet the demands of our fellow citizens regarding the food supply and the ability to maintain an attractive social life in rural areas, but also to project the image of France and its economy internationally. We are pursuing the very same objectives by investing in short, local and organic circuits in France and by developing our gastro-store concept, So France, in international markets.

Thierry Blandinières
CEO of InVivo
2025 by InVivo
InVivo has established an ambitious strategic development project for the next ten years. “2025 by InVivo”, affirms the meaning behind our mission and responsibilities as France's leading agricultural cooperative group, namely bring French agriculture and agricultural cooperation their rightful strategic dimension as a key link in the food value chain, in respect of the planet and people. “2025 by InVivo”, is above all a collective dynamic of enthousiastic, demanding and motivated men and women determined to open up promising perspectives and move into new territories that generate economic and social wealth for our members, partners and customers and for all our employees in France and internationally.


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