InVivo Foundation

InVivo Foundation: source the future

InVivo Foundation: source the future

Taking up the immense challenge of developing an agriculture capable of sustainably feeding 9 billion human beings in the coming decades will only be possible by mobilising all the available intelligence, energy and food systems.
Agriculture and farmers are key to meeting this challenge, and yet they are subject to many economic, social and environmental pressures.

As the leading French agricultural cooperative group, InVivo wants to contribute to giving farmers pride in their work, helping them to live with pride and making the sector attractive again, to encourage future generations. Their current practices will have to be associated with new solutions, to allow sustainable feeding of the world’s population. And this while conserving the natural resources of a fragile planet.

InVivo already sees its social and environmental responsibility as a pillar of its development and performance, at the heart of each of its activities. But to meet current and future concerns, we  wanted to go further in our societal commitment with regard to agriculture, farmers and consumers. For this reason, on 15 October 2016 the InVivo Board of Directors created the InVivo Foundation, an endowment fund dedicated to a general interest mission.

Thierry Blandinières, InVivo Foundation Chairman


The 2017-2018 annual report is now available.




The InVivo Foundation mission is based on three key ambitions:



The fund designs its programmes with a mediumto long-term vision of the future. We work with an international development approach, spreading skills and knowledge, social commitment and solidarity. With our partners, we help financially enable projects, but also contribute skills and expertise necessary for a project’s success. Our efforts are always guided by the spirit of “small gesture, big impact” and we have already seen with satisfaction that more and more of our employees are involved in the projects and development of the InVivo Foundation.

3 questions for

3 Questions for

Rachel Kolbe-Semhoun, Development Director of InVivo Foundation

The motto of InVivo Foundation is “Source the future”. What does that say about your project?
Agriculture is at the heart of the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century, to feed all the people, adapt land use, fight against climate change, reduce poverty and create sustainable jobs. Some solutions already exist, others are still to be invented, as we are encouraged to do by the 17 sustainable development objectives of the United Nations.

Tell us more precisely which areas you have chosen to act on.
Three ambitions guide our initiatives. The first, “helping improve farmers’ livelihoods”, consists in seeking new sources of development and wealth for farmers, as well as solutions which will ensure their just remuneration based on the value they create. For “bring about new sustainable food solutions” – our second ambition – we support research into new sources of protein and help structure and organise innovative micro-production chains. Finally, on the third ambition, “taking care of natural resources”, we want to support the ecological transition of the agricultural world with projects which aim to reduce waste in a logic of circular economy and contribute to enriching our natural capital like soil or biodiversity. We support projects which contribute to attaining these ambitions, and ideally all three at the same time, as all three are closely linked.

In concrete terms, what are the selection criteria for the projects you support?
Our approach is guided by the philosophy of “small gesture, big impact”. Each project must be coherent with our working principles, carried out in the general interest, and able to be duplicated and applied internationally. We want to be able to contribute not only financial support to these projects, but also a contribution in know-how thanks to the “knowledge and experience” capital accumulated from InVivo’s various activities – as, for example, helping to structure new agri-food sectors in developing countries. This is why we are keen to involve our employees and the member cooperatives of the Union InVivo as much as possible in the different projects supported by InVivo Foundation.