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Communiqué de presse
29 October 2018
InVivo Group’s dedicated agriculture entity Bioline Group is reinforcing its...
The essential 2018
The essential 2018 : InVivo is fully determined to help agriculture and...
Communiqué de presse
12 September 2018
InVivo and L-GAM signed the deed of transfer for Jardiland yesterday. This...
Code of conduct
The code of conduct applies to all employees of InVivo in France and in all...
Communiqué de presse
02 July 2018
InVivo and ADM in exclusive negotiations on the planned sale of Neovia: with...
Communiqué de presse
18 June 2018
Neovia accelerates its development in Africa with the acquisition of Hi...
Communiqué de presse
13 February 2018
Today, Neovia announced the acquisition of the Pilardière group, which is the...
2016 - 2017 InVivo Annual Report
InVivo Annual Report - 2016-2017
InVivo's annual report - 2016_2017...