Semences de France, the market leader in France

Seeds are at the heart of the solutions offered by InVivo to meet the objectives of productivity, quality and respect for the environment.

Semences de France, a Group subsidiary that is dedicated to the seeds sector, comprises a network of 48 cooperatives representing 55% of the straw cereals market in France. Their shareholder cooperatives sell their products to their members directly (short channel). For the long channel, Semences de France promotes and markets the volumes produced by the partner cooperatives.

The different varieties are marketed under two business models: a franchise for straw cereals and direct sales for hybrids (Corn, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Sorghum, Hybrid Cereals) and forage crops (Grasses, Catch crop, Graminicides).

Semences de France develops the first testing network in France that measures, evaluates and selects varieties (Le Variétoscope).

Although it is not a breeder, Semences de France is the foremost market player for seeds in France.

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Consolidating a leading position

Semences de France is the leading distributor of straw cereal seeds and protein crops in the French market. Its ambition is to pursue its growth in Europe and in countries in the southern hemisphere and to develop collaborations with its historical breeder partners.

More generally, Semences de France would like to build an expanded centre of expertise around seeds production technologies and structure the testing and data processing networks by strengthening synergies with InVivo Agro (Big Data). The objective is to develop closer links between upstream testing and advising farmers.