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Foster the agricultural and food transition to a resilient agrosystem

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36 countries worldwide

Our mission is to foster the agricultural and food transition to a resilient agrosystem by designing innovative, responsible solutions and products.

12.4bn euros in revenue 2022/2023
90 industrial sites around the world
174 member cooperatives
14,500 employees
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Our activites

Creating value through sustainable change

  • Working towards
    zero pesticide residues

    By designing/ managing/ promoting practices aimed at reducing the use of chemical plant protection products to the extent necessary.

  • Restoring
    and enhancing


    By designing/ piloting/ promoting practices favorable to cultivated and natural biodiversity.

  • Contributing
    to carbon

    By reducing our own and others' direct and indirect emissions and increasing carbon sinks.

  • Preserving
    and regenerating

    the soil

    By promoting farming approaches that follow the principles of regenerative agriculture, such as improving or preserving water and carbon storage in soils.

  • Diversifying

    By supporting local actors in the development of responsible channels for their good management and valorization.

  • Careers

Reveal your field of possibilities

At InVivo, we work together to achieve our goals! 

More than a company, InVivo is a true collective united around a common goal: to feed the planet sustainably.

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