Gamm vert chooses Angers for the headquarters of its new retail chain business: Gamm vert Synergies

07 November 2018

Christophe Béchu - President of Angers Loire Métropole and Mayor of Angers - Thierry Blandinières, Managing Director of InVivo - Guillaume Darrasse, Managing Director of InVivo Retail and Didier Ladane, Managing Director of Gamm vert Synergies, inaugurated the new headquarters of Gamm vert Synergies.

A national project putting down its roots in Angers


“With the roll-out of the Gamm vert network’s retail chain strategy and the development of this new activity, we are further confirming our leadership. Gamm vert Synergies already has 90 directly-operated shops covering an area from Pornic to Nevers and from the western suburbs of the greater Paris area to Poitiers. And we will continue to include agricultural co-operative outlets specialising in businesses other than gardening,” explains Guillaume Darrasse – Managing Director of InVivo Retail.

“By establishing the headquarters of Gamm vert Synergies in Angers, we wanted to fully engage our activity in this fast-growing area of western France, which has become a veritable hub of expertise in the plant market. We also intend to contribute to local economic development by recruiting 70 employees within five years to support our goals.” says Didier Ladane, Managing Director of Gamm vert Synergies.

“Gamm vert’s core business will remain mainly franchising, relying on the energy and know-how of the agricultural co-operatives. However, Gamm vert Synergies will allow us to accelerate the resurgence of the garden centre. In order to be more in tune with consumer expectations and less dependent on seasonality, we will continue to support our Frais d’ici and soon Bio&Co food brands, which meet the demand for local and organic products.” concludes Thierry Blandinières, Managing Director of InVivo.


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