International Trade

International trade

In addition to the activities of Union InVivo, with Logistics & Storage and the InGrains platform, InVivo Grains oversees grain trade activities in France and abroad to build a competitive French wheat export sector supported by the cooperatives.

Key figures

Key figures
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Our sustainable commitments

  • Pooling the strengths of committed cooperatives

  • Capitalising on available resources and optimising the entire logistics chain

  • Adding value for low-GHG cereals

Export outlet

By positioning itself as an intermediary between the cooperatives working with Union InVivo in the cereals sector and international buyers, InGrains provides an outlet for the export of French cereals and streamlines the markets. The digital platform offers to buy grains until they are delivered FOB, assuming the price risk (the quality risk still lies with the cooperatives). It also publishes market analyses.




The creation in July 2019 of Grains Overseas is strategically part of the process of promoting the French cereal sector internationally. The structure offers member cooperatives the means of marketing soft wheat and feed barley to third-party countries.

In the physical market for oilseeds of French origin (rapeseed, sunflower), InVivo is present in all French parities in relation to the main French, German and Spanish crushing plants and occupies a dominant place on the rapeseed market.

The company also has an office in Singapore with recognised expertise in the export of corn from South America to the Middle East. This South Asian presence gives it a favourable position for prospecting new outlets for French wheat in connection with Grains Overseas.

In terms of logistics, InVivo Grains can rely on Logistics & Storage and its 12 sea port (Bordeaux, Blaye, Nantes, Montoir de Bretagne) and river port (La Grande Paroisse, Châlons en Champagne, Metz, Illange, Ottmarsheim, Huningue, Saint Usage, Santes) facilities dedicated to working with and adding value to grains and loading and unloading vessels. Logistics & Storage is adapting and renewing its service offering (grains operations and precision storage) to meet the demands of the agrifood industry.