InVivo promotes gender equality in the workplace through changes to its historic agreement

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After signing a first agreement in 2015, the InVivo group reaffirms its ambition to encourage and promote professional equality between women and men within all its entities.

Updated at the end of July 2022, the agreement signed with the majority of its social partners: CFDT, CFE - CGC, CFTC, FGTA - FO, Fédération SOLIDAIRES SDACOOPA and SUD Commerces et Services, reinforces the existing commitments by extending them to new areas. The key provisions of this new agreement are based on the conditions of access to employment, training and professional promotion, work-life balance and pay.


Major social advances highlighted with this agreement

“This new agreement provides an even more modern and fairer framework for our organisation. It aims to put all our employees on an equal footing and to make the balance between personal and professional life a priority; issues that are at the heart of our strategic development. This is why our teams are working hard to ensure that the Soufflet group employees who joined us nine months ago can also benefit from this agreement and develop fully within the InVivo group”, says Sébastien Graff, Human Resources Director for the InVivo group.

With this agreement, InVivo redefines the terms and conditions that allow each of its employees to develop in an equal and equitable environment. In this sense, the InVivo group agreement is marked by four key provisions:

1. Professional equality and pay.

- It will be guaranteed by an adapted management of the group’s salary policy and the publication of indicators in each business unit.
- At the same time, HR teams and managers will work to ensure that employees on family leave and on their return from such leave are paid fairly


2. The reconciliation of private and professional life 

She will be promoted through four main axes:

- A better balance between professional and personal life for all employees. Several actions will be carried out in this area, including: the study of the implementation of facilitating services, Schuller leave1, the donation of rest days2,, the implementation of basic rules for managing meetings;
- The promotion of shared family responsibilities. For example, the group will strengthen paternity leave by committing to pay the fathers 100% of their actual monthly salary;
- Improving the conditions for employees to return to the group after maternity or parental leave or a long absence;
- The reinforcement of teleworking, in accordance with the agreement on New Work Organisations that the group signed with its social partners in November 2020.


3. Conditions of access to employment.

- Several measures will be implemented, such as training on recruitment methods, with the aim of preventing discrimination, and the development of job offers adapted to people with disabilities.


4. Training and professional development.

- Managers will now be trained on professional equality and non-discrimination issues, and HR teams will work to ensure equal access to training.
- In addition, actions will be put in place to promote the readjustment to their workstations of employees who have been absent for a long period of time (more than 6 months).


Annual monitoring by a dedicated committee

The monitoring of the agreement on gender equality, diversity and reconciliation of private and professional life will be ensured by a Monitoring Committee which will meet annually at the end of the financial year.
It will consist of:
- an employer delegation consisting of a maximum of three management representatives;
- a trade union delegation composed of four representatives per trade union organisation that has signed this agreement.
- This body will comment on the different objectives and, if necessary, reflect on the evolution of this agreement.


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