InVivo Quest launches the North European Quest Week!

26 August 2020

Created in 2017, InVivo Quest is an open challenge to agri-food startups whose stake is twofold: it is about identifying startups that will help accelerate the transition of the agrifood sector and on the other hand to build an international ecosystem of AgriFood innovation.

The 4th edition of InVivo Quest has been launched and the dedicated platform collects the first applications for an edition that will take place exclusively in Europe from september:​​


The EuroTour 2020-2021program

InVivo Quest has chosen to focus its sourcing on Europe, which presents an incredible technological landscape and too often relies on American or Asian resources. To segment Europe, 7 areas of interest with different areas of expertise have been identified. From agronomy, to life sciences, to indoor cultivation in the Netherlands, agroforestry in Nothern Europe, data analysis software in Eastern Europe, to IoT and equipment for Central Europe, the Old Continent combines an abundant variety of skills.



#QuestWeek Northern Europe will start online with english conferences:

- 14th september at 02:30 pm: Two leading European cooperatives display their vision of the future of farming

Marie-Cécile Damave: Head of Innovations and international affairs - Agridées

Peter Annas: Director group R&D and Innovations - Lantmännen

Didier Robert: CEO Smag by Bioline


- 15th september at 02:30 pm: How giving access to testing fields will be key to build the farms of tomorrow?

Marie-Cécile Damave: Head of Innovations and international affairs - Agridées

Carole Rocca: Projects director de projets Fermes Leader Bioline by InVivo

Kevin James Knagg: Commercial director FaunaPhotonicas A/S

Nicolas Cavalier: Commercial director & co-founderTelaqua


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