InVivo Wine and Vinadeis enter into exclusive negotiations

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InVivo Wine and Vinadeis enter into exclusive negotiations

InVivo Wine, Les Vignoble de Vendéole and Val d’Orbieu, the shareholders of Vinadeis, have entered into exclusive negotiations to allow InVivo Wine to become the majority shareholder of Vinadeis, an Occitan wine cooperative group. This merger, which could be finalised in the coming months, would result in the birth of a leading winemaker.

This operation would follow an initial merger carried out in 2015, having enabled the two companies to build a strong partnership in the commercial and distribution aspects beforehand. InVivo Wine currently holds 10% of the capital of Vinadeis. A majority stake acquired by InVivo Wine would give birth to a leading winemaker in France and abroad, making it possible to combine production tools and commercial distribution channels and further increase the strength of the brands driven by the two companies.

This operation was submitted for opinion to the staff representatives and the competent competition authorities will be notified as required.

With Vinadeis we share the same economic ambitions and the same values. Our ambition is to promote French wine internationally. We will achieve this in particular with strong brands. At the same time, we are committed to supporting the ecological transition of the wine sector,” says Thierry Blandinières, general manager of the InVivo group.

« This project enables the Vignobles de Vendéole and its winegrowers to participate fully in the structuring of the French wine cooperative sector. We intend to be a leading partner in the future scheme. " announces Dominique Farail, President of the Vignobles de Vendéole.

“This merger is the result of long-standing work and a shared vision with the people of the Vinadeis wine cooperation and beyond, who have always painstakingly promoted the interests of the winegrowers and the French wine sector,” says Joël Castany, chairman of the supervisory board at Vinadeis.

This majority stake represents a major step to confirm InVivo Wine’s project, which has no other ambition than to place agricultural cooperation on the international scene,” says Philippe Mangin, president of Union InVivo

About InVivo Wine - @invivo_wine

Created in June 2015, InVivo Wine is a subsidiary of the first French agricultural cooperative group, InVivo. InVivo Wine works to build strong international brands supported by a wine-making backbone of 25,000 hectares distributed between Bordeaux, the Southwest, Languedoc, Roussillon, the Rhone Valley and Beaujolais. It is a global player vertically integrated from the wine glass to the vineyard, with 9 member cooperative groups (3,600 winegrowers), 12 distribution companies located in high-consumption countries (France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Asia, North America, South Africa) and its own bottling sites. As producer, marketer and distributor, InVivo Wine is cultivating a sustainable wine sector that inspires today's generation and those of the future.

InVivo Wine’s consolidated turnover amounted to €225 million for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

To find out more: @invivo_wine


About Vinadeis- @vinadeis

Created in 1967 in the cradle of France's wine country, Languedoc-Roussillon, by a handful of winegrowers who had decided to join forces to share their passion and expertise, Vinadeis is currently majority owned by two Aude wine cooperatives (Val d'Orbieu and Vendeole) which bring together 1,600 federated winegrowers around 32 Estate & Châteaux wines and 10 cooperative cellars backed by 15,000 ha of vineyards. With more than 326 employees, Vinadeis has unique expertise as a producer, winemaker, winegrower and wine packager in the great south of France. With state- of-the-art packaging and logistics tools, as well as an ultra-modern site dedicated to bulk wine, Vinadeis is the leading integrated player in the French wine industry. It has international offices allowing it to promote its brands and estate and châteaux wines.

To find out more: @vinadeis

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